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Melissa Mattice

Principal & Senior Designer

Melissa’s creativity originally sparked from her talent blending colors and textures as an artist. Pursuing her life-long passion for design, she graduated from the American Institute of Interior Design. Melissa began her career creating impactful residential homes unique to the needs and visions of each client. Building on her talent for creating pleasing environments full of detail, texture and color, she orchestrates model home and sales office projects for developers in Arizona and California.

Each model home for Melissa starts as a blank canvas that transforms into a highly marketable design product where she showcases her eye-catching talent for color and fabric.

In her free time, Melissa enjoys running, yoga and visiting coffee shops with her husband and kids.

Lea Ann Hildebrant

Principal & Senior Designer

An ASU graduate, Lea Ann started out her career gaining valuable experience at a few well-known design firms, both in California and Arizona, working in High End Residential, Commercial and Model Home Interiors. She has specialized in Model Home Interiors for 20 plus years, transforming Models into marketing successes and Sales Offices into working environments. She truly believes in the “hands-on” approach and never a lack of solutions or enthusiasm.

Her approach to design is working closely as a team to create an environment which is innovative and enticing to today’s home buyer.

When not designing or installing models, Lea Ann can be found on the weekends at various Softball Tournaments, cheering on her daughter’s team, or chasing down homeless dogs and finding them homes.

Samantha Barbella

Marketing Director

Samantha Barbella graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Communication Studies and Marketing. Working on marketing projects for the Padres, Top Golf, and Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Sam found her passion for strategically targeting specific demographics and finding the best way to communicate a brand to them.

At Studio II, Sam works with Melissa & Lea Ann to not only identify clients but also find the best way to suit their needs. In her spare time, Sam loves spending time with her family and friends, running, and making GoPro videos.

Suzie Loomis

Project Coordinator

Suzie has over 20 years experience in the residential and commercial real estate appraisal business, managing and supporting appraisers as well as maintaining contact with clients. She grew up and went to college in Northern Michigan, and has lived in Arizona since 1996.

She is project and office manager for Studio II. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, biking and running with her two German Shepherds and volunteers and foster’s dogs with her two teenagers for a local German Shepherd rescue.

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